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The Perfect Tween Girls Bedding For Your Daughter


The tween age for both girls and boys is a period where self-awareness and self concept start to set it. Decorating their bedroom is an opportunity for tweens to express their sense of personality and the most likely focus of this self expression is the bed since it is the main element of the room. Dressing up your daughter’s room with well suited tween girls bedding will give your daughter her own private space to express who she is.  So where do you begin?

“Tween Girls Bedding Should Reflect Your Daughters Unique Personality”

There are extensive designs and styles of tween girls bedding for you to choose from. It is important that at the very least the daughter knows what style she wants as well as the budget she has to work with. More often, tween girls tend to gravitate to some common ideas when it comes to decorating their rooms. For instance, beddings with vibrant and bright colors or shades such a red, pink, and yellow are the obvious choice. In addition, beddings that feature flowers, animals, the sun, stars, and the moon as a theme are also preferred.  The advantage of getting these common types of tween girl bedding is the fact that it is then easy to find wallpaper, curtains, and other bedroom accessories that match them.

There are girls on the other hand that will tend to be more specific and unique. They may like designs that reflect the current fashion trends, glamour, and style associated famous movie stars. Movie themed beddings, such as those from the movie Twilight, are also another popular concept. These choices however will tend to go with the latest trend and craze and soon will be out of style before you know it.

One consideration that should not be lost when selecting a design is of course the quality. Always select bedding made from fabric that will supply comfort and a good nights rest to your young daughter.

Below we will discuss some of the most popular tween girls bedding sets.

Tween Girls Bedding

Tween Girls Bedding - 5 Piece Bed In A Bag

Pink and Black Madison Tween Girls BeddingShown Here
A 4pc girl’s twin bedding collection manufactured by JoJo Designs, this is perfect for a young girl who sees herself as someone with style and good fashion sense.  It features a black and white scroll print, a bold designer stripe and a coordinating mini black and white polka dot print. It comes primarily in pink with a black and white pattern. It is 100% Cotton and every piece is non allergenic and machine washable for healthy and continuous use.

Bright Pink Girls Flowers Twin Comforter & Sheet Set (Reversible)Shown Here
A combination Floral and polka-dot design make this bedding set the perfect piece that will be surely adored by your discriminating tween girl.  The comforter can be reversed to a striped pattern that will allow your daughter an option to change the look of her bed whenever she feels like it.

Purple/Green/Orange/White Flowered Full Comforter Bed SetShown Here
This nature-inspired multi-floral design bedding set is perfect for girls who adore the natural beauty of nature and the outdoors. The intricate floral design set on a white background is simply clean and beautiful. This bedding set is made out of 200-thread count,60% cotton, 40% polyester sheets. It is safe for a  machine wash also.

Purple & Pink Flowers Teen Girls Full Comforter Set (Reversible)
Another bedding set that is especially designed for tween girls. It features a different pattern on both sides that can be reversed for versatility of use.  There is the flower design on one side and a pattern of purple circles on the other side. This way your daughter can express her vibrant personality in both ways whenever she chooses.

There are certainly a lot of ways for your child to express her personality with the availability of extensive designs and styles of tween girls’ bedding available nowadays. The web is one venue where most of these can be had.  If budget consideration is your main concern, many internet sites, such as this one, offer these products and can be a great venue for affordable, discounted bedding sets that will surely fit your budget.

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